EPM MesoSkin™ Needle Free Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion Device

EPM MesoSkin™ Needle free Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion



High Hourly Net Return on Investment

Our clever EPM MesoSkin™ machine has been one of our bestsellers since it hit the SkinMed™ shelves. This device has solidified itself as a must-have for any cutting-edge beauty clinic, salon or practice in Australia and across the world.


SkinMed™ are proud to be the exclusive distributors our EPM MesoSkin™ device throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Our EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion system is the latest treatment in skin rejuvenation which is painless, non-invasive and needle free.


Today’s savvy patients and consumers are looking for treatments and services that work in concert with their age defying or skin rejuvenation programs to provide more discernible results.

EPM MesoSkin™ is a needle free Mesotherapy treatment, utilising a combination of Electroproation and innovate laser trimming Transdermal microchip technology.  The combined technology increases the permeability of the cell membrane to non-invasively introduce vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and brightening serums to achieve desired penetration effect of active ingredients to the dermis. Cell absorption is improved by up to 85%.


It not only works to rejuvenate the skin, but through use of an alternative microchip, treats and assists with the regrowth of head hair for patients suffering from menopausal hair loss and re-growth of eyebrows in combination with a specialised hair regrowth serum.


When you choose to invest in an EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy Needle Free, Refining & Infusion System with us, you’ll receive the SkinMed™ experience. This means a start-to-finish customer-focused experience including: competitive payment options, rapid delivery and responsive customer-service devotees that are as knowledgeable about our industry as they are passionate.


Reach out to our team and discover how the EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion System can take your clinic to the next level.

  • Visible skin renewal
  • Radiant, smooth and purified skin for a refreshed look
  • Treats fine lines, loss of volume, firms skin surface, reduces pore size, refines skin surface, increases hydration, lightens pigmentation, reverses the signs of ageing
  • Assists to regrow head hair, making it perfect for clients suffering from menopausal hair loss.
  • No blood, zero trauma, comfortable and painless
  • Cell absorption is improved by up to 85%
  • 15-minute treatment sessions
  • Therapeutic, can be used on most clients
  • High return on investment (ROI) to consumable ratio.
  • Addresses hair loss and helps with regrowth process through use of H type disposable/consumable
  • Compatible for use with all skin care brands – no need to purchase additional products
  • Utilises Microchip transdermal and Electroporation technology for Macromolecule penetration to a dept of 1300 um
  • Transdermal Penetration Depth: Epidermal basal layer 0.1-0.15mm
  • Electroporation Penetration Depth: Dermis layer 0.3-0.8mm
  • Total Penetration Depth to Dermis: 1-2mm
  • Consumables are single use treatment and micro-needles retract for safe handling
  • System uses 4ml of serum/ face and neck treatment.
  • System uses 2ml of hair re-growth serum for head treatment and 0.5ml of treatment serum for eyebrow re-growth treatment.
  • SkinMed™ Australia Meso Serums are available for purchase and include Vitamin C, Vitamin AB, Hyaluronic & Renew, and Hair Re-growth serums for use in the EPM MesoSkin™ Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion System
  • We use the best materials and components available to the highest specifications: quality LCD screen with simple operating interface & lightweight for easy use
  • Leasing and finance available – fully tax deductable from $49/week

With your MesoSkin™ system you will also receive:


  • Shipping available in Australia & New Zealand
  • 2-year Australian backed warranty
  • 10 x F type microchip disposable/consumable to get you started
  • Marketing assistance – 100 DL sized, MesoSkin™ customer information brochures and 2 posters
  • 2 x 100ml SkinMed™ Meso Facial Serums of your choice. Additional serums from our range can be purchased separately.
  • Ongoing clinical and technical assistance for the life of your device
  • Full training included (in-salon Melbourne based customers, e-training provided for customers outside of Melbourne). Additional travel charges may apply to some capital cities and regional areas
  • Hair re-growth and serum bundles are available to purchase separately.

This technology has been developed as an alternative to traditional skin needling. The MesoSkin™ system means zero trauma, zero blood and exceptional results. Available to buy online today, take your clinic up a level with MesoSkin™ today.

To learn more about the EPM MesoSkin™  Mesotherapy, Refining & Infusion System, reach out to our team of industry experts via telephone on 1300 535 675 (Australia), send us an email at [email protected] or use our simple enquiry portal below.


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