Microdermabrasion, HydraDermabrasion, LED Light Therapy Machine Suppliers in Australia

SkinMed™ Australia are among the leading Microdermabrasion, HydraDermabrasion, LED Light Therapy Skin Systems and IPL Suppliers in Australia. Our range includes SkinMed™ Diamond Microdermabrasion, SkinMed™ HydraDermabrasion, SkinMed™ RejuvU™ and RenewU™ LED Light Therapy and SkinMed™ Quantum IPL machines to deliver superior results to your customers.


The SkinMed™ Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine offers a small and lightweight choice for those wanting to introduce microdermabrasion into their salon, spa or clinic. SkinMed™ offer another machine, the HydraDermabrasion Skin System, which is a powerful quality unit to effectively and deeply exfoliate the skin in 3 different ways.


Aside from being Microdermabrasion Machine & HydraDermabrasion Machine Suppliers in Australia, we are also proud suppliers of LED light therapy machines, including the SkinMed™ RejuvU™ and RenewU™ LED Facial Systems – with registration on the ARTG and 2 different models to choose from.  We offer options for businesses small and large.  Our SkinMed™ Quantum is a results based quality, medical grade portable system which is great value for money.


All SkinMed™ Australia supplied products can be supplied with relevant training from our qualified Dermal Therapists as a further service. We care about the success of your business, and are committed to providing you with the tools and experience to do so, all from the leading Microdermabrasion Machine, LED Light Therapy Skin Systems and IPL Suppliers in Australia.


Get in touch with our expert staff for your microdermabrasion needs today on 1300 535 675 or at [email protected]


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