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LEDBoost™ HA1+ Collagen Mask | 40g


LEDBoost™ HA1 + Collagen Mask

Suitable for all Skin Types – net weight 40g

The LEDBoost™ HA1 + Collagen Mask has been exclusively designed and formulated for SkinMed™ as a LIGHT FILTERING non solid light medium which successfully delivers LED Light Therapy to the skin.

A hydrating collagen infused mask to use under your LED treatment which won’t compromise your LED treatment outcomes.

Delivering rich skin beneficial nutrients, collagen and moisture whilst calming the skin and reducing redness.

The LEDBoost™ Face Mask contains millions of microfibres in a translucent aqueous environment, the nanofibers redirect the light through the mask and deliver light to the skins surface.


Because of this products ability to calm the skin and reduce redness, we also recommend for use after any invasive facial procedure e.g. skin needing, injectables and laser treatments.


• Aqua
• Hyaluronic Acid 1%
• Hydrolyzed Collagen
• Aloe Barbadensis Juice*
• 100% Vegan
*denotes organic


Directions for use:
• Clean the face thoroughly.
• Open and remove the mask from packaging.
• Apply the mask on the face before an LED Light Treatment or after Skin Needling, Injectables or Laser treatments.
• Leave for 10 – 20 minutes under the LED Light.
• After treatment remove the mask and discard.
• Gently massage remaining serum into the face, neck and décolletage until absorbed by the skin.


External and topical use only
Professional use
Not suitable for Skin Needling or Mesotherapy applications

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LEDBoost™ customised cosmeceutical formulations offer small batch professional serums developed and compounded in a local Australian laboratory for use with LED Light Therapy Systems or where an advanced cosmeceutical is required.


Utilising the highest quality active ingredients formulated to target and treat specific skin concerns. 100% Vegan.


We take the guess work out of which serum to use with your LED treatments.


We recommend the light colour best matched with the serum giving your client the best result for their skin concern.

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