SkinMed™ Quantum SSR/SHR IPL System

The SkinMed™ Quantum Med160C SSR & SHR IPL


The SkinMed™ Quantum Med160C SSR & SHR IPL is the newest technology in Super Hair Removal and Super Skin Rejuvenation Treatment System.


This is a high-end, portable IPL treatment system guaranteed to deliver results and satisfy your clients.

No. of treatments:

  • 6-10 treatments peformed every 3-4 weeks.


Based on biological stimulation, the Super Skin Rejuvenation principle uses wavelength light to penetrate the skin tissues. IPL energy output targeted to a specific depth of penetration produces a photochemical effect within the skin. This effect is the realignment and regeneration of collagen and elastin with in the dermis, leaving the client with skin that is rejuvenated. Super Skin Rejuvenation assists with: refreshing aged or tired skin, fine lines and wrinkles, minimises enlarged pores, helps to reduce acne scarring, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation.


The Clinician delivering the treatment chooses the appropriate wavelength, pulse width and energy density based on the clients Skin Fitzpatrick and Skin Concern to ensure the treatment is carried out accurately for maximum results and minimal client discomfort.

No. of treatments:

  • Body: 6-8 treatments performed every 4-6 weeks
  • Face: 6-8 treatments performed every 3-4 weeks


Super Hair Reduction principle is based on selective thermolysis in the hair follicle and shaft. There is abundant melanin that spreads over and among cells of hair bulb matrix, transferring to the structure of the hair shaft. Photon energy aims at the melanin as a target for the hair reduction treatment.


Once the melanin assimilates heat energy from the laser the temperate of the melanin rises rapidly and this results in controlled hair follicle tissue damage and the hair is destroyed.

In motion technology in SHR systems allows larger areas e.g. legs, arms, back, chest to have multiple passes at a lower energy level over the same area 2-3 times. The energy pulses are delivered over a longer period and the hair is destroyed with minimal discomfort.


The clinician delivering the treatment chooses the appropriate wavelength, pulse width and energy density based on the client’s skin and hair density to ensure the treatment is carried out accurately for maximum results and minimal client discomfort.

  • Minimal consumable costs
  • Compatible for use with all skin care brands
  • Super Skin Rejuvenation can be used on anyone up to including Fitzpatrick skin type V
  • Quick treatment sessions, starting at just 5 minutes
  • Clinically proven results
  • Multi-use instrument
  • Separate hand pieces for skin rejuvenation & hair removal with inbuilt filters, giving you the choice of treatment application at the touch of a button
  • Simple operating interface
  • We use the best materials and components available to the highest specifications
  • Super Hair Removal – latest in motion technology delivers painless treatments, hair removal on grey, white and red hair. Can be used on anyone, even those with darker skin tones
  • The SkinMed™ Quantum MED160C has undergone clinical trials by the manufacturer in accordance with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s strict regulations and quality assurance processes

With your IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation System you also receive:


  • 2 year Australian-backed warranty
  • Ongoing technical assistance for the life of your machine
  • Marketing assistance – 200 DL sized IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation information brochures plus posters to get you started.
  • We provide full in salon/clinic system set up (where possible) and 2 days training included plus 2 x online IPL Safety Certificates (for completion prior to clinical training)
  • High resolution images to use on your website or social media
  • Electronic client analysis and consent forms so you can easily add your business name and logo
  • Shipping available in Australia

Technical Specifications SkinMed™ Quantum Med160C

Wavelength SHR IPL650-950nm
Wavelength SSR IPL560-950nm
Spot size SHR IPL15x50mm2
Spot size SSR IPL12x33mm2
Power Supply2000W
Lamp Life300,000 shots
CoolingContinuous Crystal Contact Cooling + Air
Display8.4” true colour LCD touch screen
Electrical Requirements220V-240V/50Hz, 10A
Weight Net30kg
CertificationsCE, ISO, TGA

SkinMed™ Quantum Med160C inclusions

Main unitMED160C1
Eye-protection glasses1
Power cable1
Foot switch1
Handpiece support2
TrolleyNot included

Front View of Spectra Quantum

Back View of Spectra Quantum

Interface Screens

To learn more about the Skinmed™ Quantum Med160C SSR & SHR IPL, reach out to our team of industry experts via telephone on 1300 535 675 (Australia), send us an email at [email protected] or use our simple enquiry portal below.


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