Become A Stockist

The Best For Your Clients

Are you looking for a fantastic skin care range to introduce to your clients? SkinMed® Australia’s incredible range has so many benefits for you and your clients. Utilising the highest quality active ingredients formulated to target and treat specific skin concerns. Our range has something for everyone.

Why Become a SkinMed® Stockist?


Forget the 13 step routines that make clients feel like it’s all too much, our Skin Care range can be complete with a 5 step routine anyone can follow. Take the stress out of Skin Care and provide your client with a simple, no muss, no fuss routine which won’t overwhelm them or break the bank.


We work hard to keep our products affordable for everyone. A key element of business growth is repeat customers. We want you to succeed and keep building relationships with your clients so we provide high quality products at modest prices.

No Third Parties

We supply wholesale direct to salons and clinics and you can rest assured that we won’t supply to third parties who run social media sale pricing to undercut our stockists.

Proudly Australian Made

Our skin care products are Australian made! That’s right, all made here locally.

Cruelty Free & Vegan

All our products are cruelty free, and all are Vegan except our sunscreen (which has beeswax)! We are striving for 100% Vegan without compromising on quality and effect.


Produced in Australia, these results driven products contain the highest quality active ingredients formulated to target and treat any skin concerns, with a focus on Anti-Ageing.

Training & Marketing

We provide manuals, digital marketing (product images and Facebook tiles), and shelf talkers. You also get a 1-on-1 educational training support session to go through all your new products. When we run promos/sales, we advise you in advance so you can choose to run at the same time as us and, where appropriate, we provide promo marketing for you to share with your customers.


Our team are passionate about skin care and providing the best possible customer experience every time. We go above and beyond to support you through your journey.


Having a skin care range can help cash flow in a business. Sometimes clients may go weeks or months between treatments, however when they use their products at home consistently and run low it can prompt them to visit and gives you an opportunity to build the relationship and encourage bookings. It also gives your clients a one-stop-shop or their skin care needs.

Professional / Salon Products for Treatments

Do you want high quality products to use for treatments? We stock our skin care range in Backbar sizes for professional use. Plus SkinMed® Australia offers small batch customised serums developed and compounded in a local Australian laboratory and will assist to take their results to the next level.

These serums are perfect for clients having in clinic advanced skin treatments and will assist to take their results to the next level.

MesoBoost™ serums

Designed to be used in our MesoSkin™ Infusion and Refining system, these serums are suitable for Skin Needling and Mesotherapy.

Cosmeceutical Boosters

For use with LED Light Therapy Systems or where an advanced cosmeceutical serum is required.

HydraBoost™ Infusion serums

For use in our Dermafacial™ device or in hydradermabrasion devices.


Is there a minimum first order amount?

Yes, we have an opening order package that needs to be purchased to become a stockist, fill out an enquiry form and we will be in touch to discuss further.

Is there a minimum monthly order quantity?

No! Once you become a stockist you can order as much or as little as you like, whenever you like.

How do I order?

You can order through your client portal on-line or email or call us direct to place an order.

Can I do drop shipping?

Unfortunately, to keep our costs down to ensure you get the best possible prices, it means we don’t have the resources to be the middleman between you and your customers. You will need to purchase the product from us and stock it in your own space.

Can I get exclusive distributorship for my area?

This would require a certain spend each month to ensure it is viable for our company. If this is something you want it is best to discuss it with one of our team members who can advise the best way forward.

Can my customers purchase your products through your website shop?

Yes they can, however we do our best to always encourage customers to go into their closest/preferred salon/clinic where possible. Our website has a stockist map and recommendations to get professional advice. We don’t want to take your business , we’re here for you and will always work to ensure you are our main priority.